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Black Hole Simulator is a Simulator Roblox game developed by Nosniy Games. The objective of the game is to collect and sell bricks to upgrade your black hole power, capacity and more!
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Recent Updates

⚔️ New PVP world! Eat other players and steal their bricks!
🌎 Worlds are are now safezones except for the KOTH and CTF minigames!
🏆 New Prize wheel! Join the group to spin for prizes daily!
🌌 10 new Black Holes!
⚡ 10 new Energies!
👹 5 new legends!
❄️️ Winter map removed!


🎉 UPDATE 4 🎉
👹 8 New Legends!
⛄ Winter map! Earth is covered in snow!
🔨 Crafting! Craft 6 copies of the same planet to get a golden version!
🛍️ Buy all button in the shop!
🤑 New planet capsule next to Daily Reward! Contains an exclusive Mythical planet!

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